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Monday, November 26, 2012

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Take action in the year of 2006!
As I went back to my hometown for the holiday's I saw many of my loved ones. This made me feel very happy except; for one old pal. This person really worried me. It seems to me like this person is depress and sad. However,this article is designed to specifically address the issues of AD/HD as they relate to crafters., this is not the only time that I have seen this person feeling this way. In fact, he has incorporated complaining in to his daily routine. A conversation with him is often unpleasant due to his ability to only see the negative aspect of everything,3352 Ugg Bailey Button Mini Chocolate Boots, which to me; this is barely living since the negativity has taken a toll on his physical appearance and personality.
I could not help but feel a mixture of emotions when I saw him; I felt helplessness, sadness, and anger," He answered. The helplessness I felt it because standing in front of me was a live person that forgot to take things lightly and live the best way he could and worst of all I can not help anyone that does not want to help themselves. The sadness I felt it because I care for him. The anger I felt it because here he was complaining once again but I do not see him trying to change his life around. Which is exactly what I want to emphasize in this column?
If for some reason you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your life or a certain aspect of it. Why don't you try to change things? Don't cross your arms thinking about your bad luck or other negative issues. It is a waste of time. Yes, when you make mistakes it is okay to look back and ask yourself and even maybe others what you did wrong. But, do not think or complain about the problems forever,"Is there anything wrong with this little boy. Also, avoid blaming others or circumstances for your problems (finding a scapegoat).
Instead, TAKE ACTION to switch your life around. Set goals and follow them. Learn how to plan and keep yourself motivated on your path to success. Forget about all the negativity and focus on the possibilities. If you have been depressed for a long term then I would suggest you seek professional help. This will help you cope with grief or depression. Who knows your life might become positive after all.
Cheers, to a Happy New Year!
Kenia Morales

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